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Line 2 – An appetite for improvement

Over the last three months, the business has invested over 1 million pounds to modernise Line 2 and enhance its capability. The entire entry section of the line has been replaced with new equipment from Heinrich Georg, Wolverhampton, to provide the following benefits:

  • Ability to process heavier coils, up to 30t, which will significantly improve productivity.
  • Coil saddle fitted with spin rolls to allow the operator to rotate coils to remove any risk of outer lap spring back.
  • Fully automatic coil loading programme to position coils onto the de-coiler at the correct height and accurately centralised.
  • An EMG strip guidance system to accurately control the centralisation of the strip during processing.

The ongoing improvements to Line 2 will ultimately improve efficiency and increase the consistency in our quality and ensure that operators are working in an ever safer work environment.

Line 2 before development
Line 2 Foundations
Line 2 Equipment Preparing
Line 2 Coil Rollers

For more details or to place an order with us, please contact your local department:

Central / Ireland: 01562 740 477

Wales / South West: 01495 279 247

South East: 01376 563 682

North: 01625 855 565