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Our range of Cold rolled

Cold Reduced steel

Cold reduced

Cold Reduced steel (CR) is a strip mill steel product made from cold rolling a hot rolled pickled product at room temperature. After cold rolling, it is annealed (continuous or batch process) and skin passed to produce a formable product with a high quality surface finish.


Here at John Tainton, we stock and process DC01 mild steel (often referred to as CR4), in varying thicknesses from 0.9mm up to 3mm. Each sheet is de-coiled and flattened to strict tolerances in our Kidderminster works, ensuring consistent quality and flatness, every time.

Sectors where this material is utilised:

01. Switchgear

02. Shop fitting

03. Office furniture

04. Expanded metal

QUICK STOCK® available:

2000mm x 1000mm

2500mm x 1250mm

3000mm x 1500mm

For more information and availability please call 01562 740477 or email