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Automatic Pack Grabs

A new addition to improve our operations.

The safety and welfare of our hard-working team is of paramount importance to us here at John Tainton; we continually invest in our work equipment to ensure we work to the highest health and safety standards. A recently highlighted area for improvement was with the manual grabs attached to the overhead cranes, which are used to transport premium stock around our Kidderminster warehouse.

As a result, we moved to invest in new automatic grabs to replace the need for manual pack grabs. This significant investment has dramatically improved the safety and efficiency of our operations, allowing to process and deliver orders with the utmost care and diligence, while reducing risk to both employees and stock.

Manufactured by lifting gear specialists, Lloyd’s British, the automatic pack grabs are capable of lifting up to 5 tonnes and are fully integrated with our crane scales, to guarantee precise weighing.

automatic pack grabs in action

For more details or to place an order with us, please contact your local department:

Central / Ireland: 01562 740 477

Wales / South West: 01495 279 247

South East: 01376 563 682

North: 01625 855 565