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Whilst our competitors talk about it, we do it

To meet the increasing service demands of our customers, John Tainton is proud to offer our QUICK STOCK® service.

QUICK STOCK® is an industry changing initiative and has enhanced our flexibility and speed of response by offering standard size sheets and plates for same day/next day delivery. The service consists of 1 tonne palletised packs available ex stock throughout the range of products and gauges from 0.8mm to 25.0mm. John Tainton's quality of product will not be compromised.

Some of the benefits to our customers include:-

  • Reduced working capital tied up in stock
  • Release of storage space for other activities
  • Total flexibility enabling our customers to meet the demands of their customers
  • Reliability of John Tainton's quality and service
  • QUICK STOCK® - a quick call for a quick turnaround.
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