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SSAB Laser Plus

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John Tainton are pleased to announce we have the license to distribute SSAB’s Laser Plus material

What is Laser Plus?

Laser Plus is an advanced high strength steel directed to automated production, offering superior properties for Laser Cutting, stamping and cold forming. This product can be offered in an S355K2 C+N (impact tested to -20°C,), in addition to high strength, low alloy grades such as S420MC and S460MC (impact tested to -60°C). Gauge ranges vary from 8mm to 30mm on selected grades.

What are the benefits of Laser Plus?

Guaranteed Flatness after Laser Cutting: Laser Plus offers a guaranteed flatness tolerance of 3mm/m after laser cutting (typical values of 1mm/m). Subsequently this means less re-works and no need for levelling/ straightening. In addition, a 5-10% in sheet yield is achievable due to improved nesting possibilities.

Unique Forming Properties: The MC+ strip products have a minimal internal bending radius of 0mm, offering more freedom in designing modern components. Forming instead of welding is an effective way to cut production costs. Uniform mechanical properties from batch to batch offers consistent repeatable bending, allowing bending in all directions. – SSAB guarantees inner bending radius of 0-1.5 x the material thickness, depending on strength level in combination with thickness

Highest cutting speed: The chemical composition of Laser Plus offers optimal conditions for laser cutting. Laser Plus plates can cut at a speed up to 30% faster than conventional steels

Reduced Galvanising costs: The low silicon content of Laser Plus (Si < 0,03 %) significantly lowers zinc coating costs. Subsequently this offers shorter galvanising times.

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