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Hot Rolled S355JR

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S355JR is a structural steel that guarantees minimum yield and tensile strength. The steel also has a level of malleability, allowing it to be cut and folded without losing its structural properties. This grade of steel is produced in the same way as all other hot rolled strip mill products, but to achieve the different mechanical properties, the steel is heated and cooled to different temperatures and at different speeds.

Mechanical Properties of S355JR+AR

Tensile strength – 470 – 630 MPa

This is the maximum amount of force a material can take in a stated direction until it fails / passes its breaking point.

Yield Strength / Stress – 355 MPa Min

This is the point that once passed, the material can never go back to its original shape. It could be described as passing its elastic limit.

Sectors where this material is utilised

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Yellow Goods
  • Lifting equipment

Material availability

Gauge range: 3.0mm – 20.00mm
Coil widths: 1250mm, 1500mm

Sheets can be cut up to 12000mm in length from 4.0mm – 12.00mm.

Quick stock available in 1 tonne packs for next day delivery.
2500mm x 1250mm
3000mm x 1500mm

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