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Laser Plus Steel


Focusing on the four concepts of; formability, flatness, surface and chemistry, SSAB have produced the Laser Plus range which ensures crack-free and consistent repeatable bending in all directions. It is designed to meet challenging requirements in production environments such as automotive and electronics with a chemical composition and micro scale covering to enable consistent laser, water and plasma edge cutting. Laser Plus therefore provides a much greater value for consumers throughout their entire manufacturing process, whilst retaining superior quality.

PRODUCT FEATURES As the only steel in the world with a guaranteed maximum flatness deviation of 3mm/m after laser cutting as default, Laser Plus sets a new standard of performance and production efficiency with cutting speed ability up to 30% quicker compared to conventional steel. Even plates of up to 30mm thickness can expect superior quality, shorter production time and higher precision for cut components. Due to the steel’s low silicon content, galvanisation costs are greatly reduced as zinc coating costs are significantly lower.

CONSUMER REPORTS Examples of the financial benefits and efficiency experienced by companies working with SSAB Laser Plus can be found below:

- German company laser cutting 20mm plates; Laser Plus steel allows them to avoid finishing grinding and produce a less expensive end product despite a 25% higher material price at purchase.

- A company in the Netherlands; Laser cutting with shared cutting path is possible, cutting time is shortened by 37% and scrap savings of 30% are found when using Laser Plus because of the flatness guarantee and quality of the steel after cutting.

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Laser Plus Steel