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SSAB Laser Now At John Tainton

John Tainton are proud to have been chosen as SSAB’s distribution partner in Great Britian for their latest product SSAB LASER.

This product has been designed for the high end laser cutting customer where quality of a finished product is paramount.

Key qualities of SSAB Laser

· Superior steel cleanliness

· Optimized and consistent chemistry

· Narrow and consistent dimensional tolerances

· Properties always exceeding EN standards

· Enhanced impact toughness at low temperatures

· Optimized surface quality for laser cutting

· Tight nesting with shared cutting lines

· High quality cut edges even at high cutting speeds

· Flatness deviation of cut parts ≤ 3.0 mm/m

· Predictable and repetitive performance in cold forming

· Same bending guarantees for all directions

· Inner bending radius 0.0 x thickness for MC Plus grades

For further information on this product please contact us on


Telephone 01562 740477

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SSAB Laser Now At John Tainton