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SSAB Laser Certified Partner - John Tainton

John Tainton (a Division of Hall & Pickles 1812 Ltd.) is a quality steel processor and distributor with more than 40 years of experience. From the Kidderminster based inventory, customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland receive their ordered steel products. Since 1978, John Tainton operates a cut to length lines at the Kidderminster facility. “We fully appreciate the importance of steel sheets that are flat and free from residual stress,” says Martin Lake, Quality & Service Manager at John Tainton. “We promote ourselves as The Specialist Supplier of Fully Flattened Steel Sheets”.

How does SSAB Laser® fit into that picture then? Martin answers that question straight forward: “We are good at what we do, but we also have our limitations. SSAB Laser® MC Plus sheet and ML Plus heavy plate and the range of commodity grade cut to length sheet that John Tainton can produce are totally complementary to each-other and give us an offering to the market that is unrivaled”.

For Robert Wesdijk, senior product manager and actively involved in up-grading and expanding the existing network of Laser Partners into a Certified Partner Customer Program, it is obvious that John Tainton is a good match to the SSAB Laser Distribution Concept: “Our SSAB Laser Certified Partners add value to the laser cutting industry by providing availability and quick delivery. John Tainton introduced the Quick Stock® concept in 2001, which allows for delivery of 1 ton palletized packs the same day or within 24 hours. We also know that end customers appreciate the technical support that SSAB gives to John Tainton and that we have Taneli Pokkinen available for customer visits and training”.

On April 18th and 19th 2018, a total of 16 John Tainton’s sales staff attended to training sessions in the Kidderminster office. Robert’s introduction presentation was all about the philosophy and the common values behind the SSAB branded product families and an impression of how SSAB Europe sees the SSAB Laser Certified Partner Concept. After that, the technical presentation by Taneli concentrated on the physical properties of the SSAB Laser products and the sales arguments. Jari Plosila supported along the way and even had an opportunity to introduce the SSAB Multisteel product family. Discussions were lively and good questions received good answers. Many thanks to Martin Lake for making things possible!

Robert Wesdijk

Senior Product Manager, Market Development

SSAB Europe

Image Description:

far right: Martin Lake, John Tainton’s Quality & Service Manager; 3rd from right: Giuseppe Freti, RSM SSAB Europe; 2nd from left: Jari Plosila, Product Manager Heavy Plate; 3rd from left: Taneli Pokkinen TDM UK & Ireland and general SSAB Laser® support.

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SSAB Laser Certified Partner - John Tainton